Maximize Your Workout With a Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Maximize Your Workout With a Polar Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

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Today exercise and fitness need to be an essential part of your health program. You need to be aware of the significant benefits that can be realized by utilizing the tools that are available. A heart rate monitor is one of the tools that can help maximize your workouts to achieve peak performance.

By monitoring how your heart responds to changes in volume, duration and intensity during a workout, will allow you to adjust a workout or sustain a particular level of intensity so you can optimize your level of workout.

A Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitor is one of the fitness tools and it can accomplish two things during your workouts: it measures your heart rate and it connects, or “syncs”, with most mobile devices via Bluetooth.

You ask: why would I want to connect a monitor to my cellular device? Well, as you may already know, many smartphones (especially those that run with Android OS, Blackberry OS and Windows operating systems) can access the special mobile device apps like Endomondo or RunKeeper. These apps need a monitor, and Polar is one of the few brands that can support these apps that you use for exercise. If you want to get maximum results from your workout, it is essential to measure your heart rate in order for you to track how you are progressing over time.

Cardiorespiratory endurance takes some time to develop; so as you work on building that endurance and strength training, your breathing rate and heart rate will both become more efficient. Lowering your heart rate is a good indicator that your heart and circulatory system are working at a higher level which means your performance will be at a higher level also

Don’t be alarmed if you are new to regular exercise, the opposite might happen – you probably will notice a higher heart rate even if you have not been running for a very long period of time.

As you keep increasing your workout intensity, you will gradually build your cardio-respiratory capacity and endurance. One thing to know, if you use an iPad, iPhone or iPod the Polar monitor will not connect with any of these products until you upload the iTunes app which can support these devices.Also, these devices have closed Bluetooth stacks which prevent such devices from connecting with other mobile devices via Bluetooth connection.

In contrast, Android devices and even some low-end mobile devices can connect to most generic gadgets with Bluetooth capabilities. The Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitor is able to be worn around the waist or around the chest when connected to such devices.

Turn on your device’s distance tracker app (like Endomondo) and set your target route. The monitor will begin sending signals to your mobile device wirelessly through Bluetooth.

The distance tracker app, will start to calculate the amount of calories that your body is burning and will also calculate your cardiorespiratory endurance by measuring how much your heart rate varies. This will change as your pace and distance continues to increase as you exercise more.This monitor is not like most other monitors on the market, it doesn’t have bulky attachments, so it is very easy to wear while exercising.

The best way to reduce the time needed to achieve your endurance and fitness goals is the Polar Bluetooth heart monitor. This is the fitness tool that can get you where you want to be the fastest.

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