GlobeCore Fuel purification

GlobeCore Fuel purification

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The order of any filtration plant for the needs of the mining industry must be preceded by consideration not only of the technical aspects of the equipment, but also of the potential costs associated with the current replacement of filter elements.


To remove water in the cold season, you can use its natural property – freezing at temperatures below zero. It is enough to take out the tank with diesel fuel in the cold and after the appearance of ice floes to carry out the transfusion of the oil product into a clean and dry container through gauze.


For practical selection of diesel fuel purification systems, special formulas are used that take into account pump performance (feed rate), viscosity and density of the fuel, as well as pressure in the system. In the general case, the availability of clear information about the size of these parameters allows the calculation of the filtering system.


But it is also very important to take into account such indicators as the annual consumption of fuel and the mass of pollutants transferred to them for the year. Why are these parameters so important for mining conditions? The fact is that mining companies are among the largest consumers of diesel fuel in the world. The turnover of oil products in some mines can reach 400 million liters per year. Such values ​​may be greater than the consumption of some countries over several years. When working with large volumes, it is important to know the mass of contamination that the filtration system will have to deal with. If this parameter is known, it can be compared with the mass of contaminants that the filter unit can remove.


GlobeCore has developed, manufactures and supplies cost-effective equipment for filtering diesel fuels in the mining industry. Installations of the UVR type work on the principle of vacuum regeneration, which allows not only removing mechanical impurities from diesel fuels, but also completely restoring the operating parameters of the oil product. GlobeCore equipment allows you to remove hydrogen sulfide compounds, reduce the concentration of sulfur and paraffins, and remove unsaturated hydrocarbons.


The mobility of the water control facilities makes it possible to use them to clean the fuel in different places, which is especially convenient for large mining companies with representative offices in different regions.


The main advantage of GlobeCore equipment is its versatility and versatility. In addition to diesel fuels, UVR installations can also work with other petroleum products: gasoline, furnace fuels, transformer, turbine, industrial, transmission and other types of oils.

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