Facebook Launches an App That Listens to You

Facebook Launches an App That Listens to You

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We often wonder about our privacy and how much it seems to be compromised with the use of social media and smartphone social apps, but it seems like things are getting a bit too personal now with the latest Facebook app that actually listens to things that you are doing in order to gather information on the kind of TV shows and music that you are listening too. According to Facebook this is not something to worry about because they say that all the information is not stored and it’s sent out anonymously to let people know the kind of music, shows and movies that you are currently watching and listening too.

This is of course only going to be published when you give permission and it will look for theme and sounds that it recognizes and give you the option to publish that you have been watching something or listening to something and your friends can also check it out. It’ obvious that the reason for Facebook to do this is to get an in depth database on the trends that people are looking for. This is very valuable marketing information and it can really help them find out what kind of entertainment is more valuable at any given moment https://truth.best/spy-apps/highstermobile-reviews/

The truth is that this can be a controversial idea for some people and they might start to wonder if the app is really only working when you enable it. Some other people might even wonder if their conversations are being monitored too. There will always be conspiracy theorists out there ready to come up with some good ideas, but the truth is that only those who code the apps know exactly what the software is capable of doing. The problem is that if we become too paranoid about this kind of updates then we might as well not even browse the internet at all.

The implementation of this sort of application does serve as a great way to scan the trends and the market value of a certain show, movie or artist. This is something that is extremely beneficial for all the companies that are involved in entertainment industries and it might be cool dot be able to share what you are currently watching so that other friends of yours can also watch it. With this app you could alert your friends that you are watching that game that you have all been waiting for or maybe a movie that you have not seen in a long time and you think it would be worth telling some of your contacts about it.

There are many optional Facebook features that have become mandatory at some point if you want to remain in the network, but we feel that most of these kind of apps would never be something that Facebook or any other social media would demand their users to install because this would definitely create an outrage and a large number of accusations of trying to spy on people and their conversations. The best thing to do with this kind of app is see how they evolve and then think is here is really something worth installing. This might be a very valuable for people who like to tell their friends and family what they are watching, but it’s not going to be so important for people who are no interested in sharing that sort of information because they find it to trivial and of little importance. Being free to make that decision is really what matters and hopefully social media platforms will always be aware of this issue.

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