5 Simple Methods To Make Your Lithium Ion Batteries Final Longer

5 Simple Methods To Make Your Lithium Ion Batteries Final Longer

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As of this minute, lithium ion batteries provide the very best cordless instrument power within the biz. Interval. Whereas higher than the options, although, these batteries will also be finicky. They are often irritating and unforgiving, however regardless of that sensitive temperament, there are some things you are able to do to maintain on the good-side of those important equipment. – Incorporate the next few tips into your routine to maintain your batteries working higher for longer.

1. Use Your Batteries Usually
All power instrument batteries degrade over time and lithium ion batteries degrade extra quickly over durations of un-use. Accordingly, use them usually and whenever you’re not within the trenches of a mission, attempt to use them at the very least as soon as every month custom lithium ion battery.

2. Do not Utterly Discharge Your Battery
As a rule of thumb, it is best to all the time cost your lithium ion batteries earlier than they fall underneath 20% fullness or instantly after you’re feeling a lower in your instrument’s efficiency. Don’t enable them to completely deplete or they’re going to be good for nothing however holding paper down in a breeze.

three. Cost Your Batteries Usually
Frequent charging is sweet for lithium ion batteries. Accordingly, be happy to cost them even when they’re solely barely depleted. You may additionally “top-off” your batteries by plopping them onto (or turning on) the charger for a couple of minutes every month. Although you needn’t retailer li-ion batteries absolutely charged, giving them a bit of juice whereas dormant can preserve them feeling good and powerful.

four. Maintain Your Batteries Cool and Dry
Retailer and cost your batteries in a cool, dry, temperate surroundings. Whereas li-ion batteries choose to be cool, they positively do not wish to be chilly (or sizzling). Excessive temperatures will harm or destroy the chemical construction of those batteries so do not go away them to freeze or bake within the parts; preserve them cool and dry and all the time between 40 and 85-degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Purchase New Batteries
When it is time to purchase a new lithium ion battery, make certain you are shopping for one which’s new (as in not too long ago produced). Similar to fruit has a shelf-life, so do batteries and identical to you wish to purchase contemporary produce, you additionally wish to put money into “contemporary” lithium ion cells. Examine the date-code on the battery or packaging to make sure you’re not shopping for a pack that is been degrading for a year on some shelf.

And that is about it; not so exhausting, proper? So, though lithium ion batteries may preserve us on our toes, using these few easy practices will enable you preserve your batteries acting at their peak for a complete lot longer. Respect your stuff and in return you may take pleasure in actually nice outcomes.

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