5 Questions About Christian Life Coaching Training

5 Questions About Christian Life Coaching Training

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Here’s a hot niche for you – Christian life coaching training. Niches are a great way to attract more clients and make more income as a life coach. With more and more people searching for a meaning in our ever complicated world, Christian life coaching just might be the next hot niche.

Why Christian Life Coaching Training?

People want to be happy. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find happiness in a complex, fast-paced, consumer-oriented society. But, the pursuit of happiness is ever-present even if it is not successful In Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl, a World War II concentration camp survivor, wrote, ” a characteristic of the American culture… one is commanded and ordered to be happy. But, happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensure. One must have a reason to be happy Tony Robbins London 2020.”

For more and more Americans, happiness is found in their spirituality. It “ensues” from their belief and faith in God. In the Middle East, this might mean a Muslim god, in India, perhaps a Hindu god, but here in American, it means the Christian god.

And for the aspiring Christian life coach, this means more potential clients and a personally and financially rewarding career. Accredited Christian life coaching training will provide you with the skills and knowledge to combine with your own personal faith to help others navigate this complex and sometimes horrifying world. Christian life coach training will give you the skills to guide and mentor others as they strive to reach their goals within the framework of Christian principles.

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